With group messaging, you can send the same message to multiple candidates at the same time. To set up a group message, you must first add candidates to a group. From your home page, click on "Create Group" under the Groups section and name your group.

To add a candidate to your group go to their profile, click on the GROUPS button in the upper left-hand corner and add them to your group.

Once you have added candidates to your group, go to your home screen, click on "View Groups" under the Groups heading and click on the group you'd like to open. Select the candidates you would like to email by clicking on the checkmark on the right-hand side of their "card" then go to the "ACTIONS" button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select "Message selected candidates". You can message up to 10 candidates at one time. 

A window will open where you can compose and send your message. You will see an orange circle on your messaging icon at the top of your screen when you have replies. You will also be notified of replies via email and text, depending on how you set up your notifications in Settings. 

For more information on messaging click here.